Management Services

Maricopa County continues to be one of the top growth areas in the nation. Investors have learned that owning rental homes has historically proven to be an outstanding investment. As a result, the market now has to absorb a glut of rental housing units that has tipped the scale towards a more supply driven market. Also, today’s tenants are far more aware of Landlord Tenant laws and ready to demand compensatory satisfaction for mistakes made by landlords. These growing operational demands dictate that the successful investment property owner do more than simply “keep the place up” and collect rents. The typical small property residential management agent or company is simply not equipped to provide the expertise or range for services necessary to protect the owner from numerous liability issues or successfully compete for qualified tenants in such a highly charged environment. Desert Wide Properties is!

Desert Wide Properties, Inc. provides all these services and more to the independent residential property owner. Residential property management is our business. Our objective is to provide a level of management currently only available to large institutions with large staffs and extensive income real estate holdings, at a price equal to or less than charged by small “mom and pop” or “sales agent” based operators.

The Desert Wide Properties, Inc. team consists of seven property managers, six leasing agents, two bookkeepers, a community outreach coordinator, a real estate broker, four maintenance workers, and several real estate sales agents. The leasing department is open seven days a week and the emergency maintenance paging system is covered on a twenty-four hour basis.

The following links detail our management program:

management services